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Reset Backpacks!

[Admin] scottybbooyy aMember posted Jan 21, 19

It's time to prepare for the 1.13 update and reset! See the poster below for details.

Credit to GoobGuy for the poster <3!

Happy Halloween!

[Owner] Arcaleus aMember posted Oct 23, 18

Credits to our mod Araea for the beautiful poster!

Sans Newbie Happy halloweeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnn

Things are heating up

[Owner] Arcaleus aMember posted Jun 29, 18

An END to Skyblock!

Qpeety aMember posted Jun 18, 18

The End has finally come to skyblock as our Summer Event theme. This year, we have a lot of things for a players to do. 

Join us now in /server skyblock and use your /kit summerend to begin the event.

Use your End Crate Key at /warp boat and use your Quest Key by talking to Brodie at /warp boat.

Quest Guide: Click here

Ask a staff if you are having trouble or need help with a quest.

Skyblock's Comeback!

Qpeety aMember posted Jun 6, 18

The competition is hosted on /server creative @/warp sb.

--> Ask a Staff for your build plot! <--

You may can only enter ONE build competition (if survival is hosting one too)!

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