Dragonslayer Quests:

--> Quest Key (talk to Brodie)
1 stage

--> Armor (talk to Brodie)
Must complete Quest Key
3 stages

--> End Portal (talk to Ornstein)
Must complete Armor
8 stages

--> Dragonslayer (talk to Brodie)
Must complete End Portal
- Break End Crystals with left-click to collect crystallites.
- Kill enderdragon
- Go talk to Brodie
- Deliver Crystallites to NickyMK
- Go talk to Brodie
Reward: You have a 1/5 chance of getting an event item (there are 2 of them).

Misc Quests:

--> Ice Cream Party (talk to Nickymk)
9 stages

-->Farm Maniac (talk to sigma)
1 stage

-->Suikawari (talk to Picklg3nd)
1 stage

--> Zombie Killer (talk to Priscilla)
1 stage