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Hello everyone!

We are proud to present DawnHaven's 2018 Valentine's event!
Most of the event's special features and games are at Event Island at /warp Valentine

On Survival:
There will be a drop party on the 17th (Saturday) at 2pm PST, 5pm Est, 10pm UTC, 9am AEDT.
Find Dark-Cupid in the maze and kill it to get Loves Roses, redeem 10 of these to a Mod or Admin for a special item!

On Skyblock:
There are two crates at the Event Island, use /kit Valentine to get one of each Crate Key!
Use /kit Valentine to get two Crate Keys!
Find Dark-Cupid in the maze and kill it for Boss Keys! Use these keys with /shop Convertshop.

Enjoy your valentine's day everyone!
With love, sincerely, The Admin Team.

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